Bump! Guyd: “I’m a Stripper” Premieres This Week

Charlie David
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Charlie David

April 8, 2013
5:29 p.m.

I’m a Stripper premieres Tues., April 9th at 10pm/9pm Central on LOGO (USA) & Friday, April 12th at 10:30pm on OutTV (Canada)

I like to make films about sexuality, how we as a society embrace or are repulsed by it, what some see as artistic expression and others view as pornography, and where the seeds for these often very visceral reactions begin.

I’m a Stripper is entertainment, but it also delves into a provocative new era of sexual liberation and expression. Living in a post-Feminist era we are now bombarded with the male form undressed for pleasure, for provocation, and as a catalyst in advertising and media. I wanted to explore the questions of: 1) Are we reaching equalization in the exploitation of the sexes?  And 2) How are young men being conditioned to perceive their own bodies, their constructs of masculinity, and the disintegration of labels around sexuality?

“Boys will be boys,” as the saying goes, and we were invited onto a pleasure island while filming I’m a Stripper.  As a young twenty-something, I witnessed several handsome friends suddenly working in the adult entertainment industry, either as strippers or in video. I always wondered how much was enough for them to say yes to that world and the lifestyle that went with it. To what extent will a young person push their body, their will, or their sexual preference in order to grab some quick cash? The answer, of course, is not easy, and each subject we worked with presented their own set of motivations – everything from lust for dollars, an addiction to attention, or simply loving to dance!

Directing this documentary was such an adventure because I was able to immerse myself outside my comfort zone, grow, and be challenged by the experience. There were many times while interviewing when I had to keep my fist planted firmly under my jaw so it wouldn’t fall to the floor.  These guys are shocking, competitive, profane, yet endearing.  Like moss, their charm will grow on you as it feeds from you. So keep some dollar bills nearby.

Don’t have LOGO or OutTV? No problem – watch it here now:


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