Gaymer Guyd: Coming Out on Top – Gay Dating Simulation

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

December 27, 2012
8:55 p.m.

Finally, a game made for the gays about dating. After years and years of anticipation, we have it – a simulation game just for the gay guys. In Japan, the whole world of dating game simulations have only been aimed at straight people, and especially, heterosexual men. Coming Out on Top, will be a huge step for gay culture within the gaming community. Gay gamers will finally have a dating simulation that they can relate to, and on top of that, there will be a few erotic scenes too. This game might even cater to the Yaoi fan girls as well. We think this game could be a success – it’s extremely fun and there are tons of sex scenes… The creator of the game goes by the pen name, Obscura. She is a true Yaoi fan girl. Yaoi is gay animation porn made by women. In her little world, she has created an amazing game that’s become an overnight success. I asked Obscura about the project she started on KickStarter, she said: “I wasn’t expecting such a huge turn out, so that’s why I had the KickStarter last for more than two months, thinking it would be hard to get people to fund the project since the game was aimed at such a small market.” Obscura is an artist. Her selection of guys are not limited, and she purposely added the “hair mod” feature for one of her extended goals. It is such an amazing feature for the game, giving gamers the chance to change the personal image of the characters. Obscura says that “there are some porn models that inspired my drawing in this project, so you might be able to see some familiar parts.” But if you spot a part that you remember, don’t forget to email her about it! Coming Out on Top could be another step (and a poke) to the gaming industry that there is a market for ‘gaymers.’ This game has gotten tons of positive feedback and tons of publicity. There’s a demo that you can play while we all wait for the official game to come out. It’s well made and fun to play. The intense emotions of the writing is perfect, and it plays out like an interactive visual novel. Click on the picture below for the demo download:

Check out the KickStarter page to support the game! The final extended goal has been added, and Obscura said “that I will not promise anything new if I can not finish it by the deadline.” Click on the picture to go to the KickStarter Project.


Anonymous User
Obscura (Guest)
3 years, 10 months ago

Oh thanks for the marvelous mention Dru. But…er, I should clarify I’m actually not a true yaoi fangirl! I have yet to read a Japanese yaoi comic or play any yaoi games! :-D (Though I do love a few of the Western-made gay romance comics.)

Hope you all enjoy the demo.

Anonymous User
greg1 (Guest)
3 years, 9 months ago

This is the coolest thing! :D

Anonymous User
niel (Guest)
2 years, 4 months ago

so is this game finished ? cause i’m tired of waiting :( , i tried the demo before it was so good , so ..plz tell me its finished . if not how much longer ?