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June 27, 2015
6:00 a.m.
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New York Gay Pride 2011 by Sasha Kargaltsev. CC by 2.0,

Sick of the scene round your way? Tired of doing the same old thing, hitting that bar or club again and again? Sit up and pay attention – take a load of these fabulous suggestions.

Gay Musicals!

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Touring cast members in the curtain call at a show in Omaha, Nebraska by Cornstalker, CC BY-
SA 3.0,

Fine, it may be a bit of a stereotype, but who can beat a good musical? The songs, the costumes, the sense of wonder and escape from your own life and issues…and with such fabulous shows about, there’s no time to lose!

In New York, Broadway houses some of the hottest, award-winning shows of all. From old classics like The Phantom of the Opera’ (‘He’s there…inside your mind…da da da da DA!’) to newer, gayer hits, such as ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ (with hottie Darren Criss!), there is something for every discerning member of the community.

If none of that tickles your fancy, hop the pond. London’s West End often exports their own successful plays over. Homegrown hits like ‘One Man, Two Guv’nors’ and ‘Billy Eliot’ are there to be discovered at the source. You know, before THAT annoying friend of yours tells you all about that hot new thing.

Gay festivals!

Happy People at Prideparaden 2011 by Pelle Sten, CC by 2.0,

Happy People at Prideparaden 2011 by Pelle Sten, CC by 2.0,

Everyone loves a celebration, and maybe your local Pride festival is getting a little bit too…familiar? Jump on a plane and head east, then west to two of the most gay-friendly cities worldwide have long been known for their amazing, out and proud Gay Pride celebrations – Tel Aviv, Israel and Berlin, Germany.

Tel Aviv’s Pride festival, which just happened at the beginning of June, saw a month-long celebrations of all things gay – special gay-themed drinks at the cities’ hottest nightspots; rainbow flags draped along public boulevards, and even special guest Conchita Wurst flew in! Make sure you catch Gay Pride Tel Aviv next June!

Entertainment in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas strip in 2009

The Las Vegas strip in 2009

Here’s the biggie. So far we’ve discussed the best way to spend your money, but what about if you want to make a bit (or a lot)? Places like world-famous city of Sin Las Vegas have leapt ahead in recent years, marketing coolly to a gay clientele who are willing to drop some dollars. There are literally tons of gay guides to Las Vegas gambling and casinos around online, and even guides to the gayest Las Vegas shows. Because it’s not all about spending, right?

The Best Gay Nightclub (probably)

G-A-Y bar soho, London by Ross Burgess. CC BY-SA 4.0,

G-A-Y bar soho, London by Ross Burgess. CC BY-SA 4.0,

Yes, we know that they’re all ‘the best’, ‘the hottest’ – sometimes what was in last week is out this week and on and on…but there IS one gay nightclub which has an all-round reputation for excellence, gayness and a great time! The legendary G-A-Y nightclub in London (and it’s offshoot on Manchester, England) has some of the cheapest drinks all round, is located in the middle of London’s gay nightlife and hosts some of the best celebrity headline acts ever. Kylie’s played there. We seem to recall Madonna did too…Miley, Britney et al also in their days.

For a great, reliably gay night out in London, you know where to go!


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