Guy-PS: David Toussaint Navigates The Week Ahead (All Beef Edition!)

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
July 20, 2013
10:34 a.m.

A Mid-Summer’s Night Scream: Last week at the movies brought more flops, this time the casualty being Pacific Rim. Now, if only they’d added Chris Rockway and Landon Conrad and called it Pacific Rimmed, they might have had a huge hit on their hands. I’d watch that flick over and over.


Hi, I’m Chris Rockway, and I’m about to Pacific Rim you, in 3D!

This week we have the horror flick The Conjuring, which I saw last night. What’s it about? I nicknamed it “Insidious Meets The Exorcist Meets Poltergeist Meets The Birds Meets Sinister Meets The Haunting Meets The Legend Of Hell House Meets Bride of Chucky.” But who cares? Patrick Wilson stars and he can possess us anytime. Safe for work note: Patrick does NOT take his clothes off in this flick. And that scares us.


Hi, I’m Patrick Wilson, and I’m here to release your inner demons.

In other horrifying news, the Emmy Awards were announced, and The Walking Dead was not only ignored, but no one seemed to care. Oh, yeah, I forgot: Great horror TV shows are not “real” entertainment. (American Horror Story: Asylum was smartly submitted as a mini-series.) Considering that most of what we see on TV resembles a Walker on a leash, it’s a dead shame.


Hi, I’m Andrew Lincoln, and I’m so hot I can wake the dead.

Speaking of TV, I noticed that Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced has been on hiatus forever. I managed to get a hold of producer/writer and hunky hottie Peter Marc “but I don’t own a shirt” Jacobson, who said fans have been requesting it air ASAP. If you want to get new episodes soon, contact TV Land, here, and let them know. HD is about gay acceptance and love, regardless of sexual orientation, and it’s that rare sitcom these days that’s also funny.

Besides, the sooner we get the show back on, the sooner I can get PMJ to post more photos like this one (Shhh, he’s bashful.)


Hi, I’m Peter Marc Jacobson, and sitcom producers don’t have clothing budgets!

The Queen’s English: Speaking of Royalty, the Queen (not Elton—the other one) has officially allowed gay people to get married in her kingdom. This is good news for Daniel Craig, as now he and I can officially tie the knot. Need advice? I just happen to have a book for you…Danny, can you hear me?


Hi, I’m Daniel Craig, and I want to make you Queen for a Day.

We really are a full-service site!

If you’re wondering why Phil Fusco (aka Ph.F) hasn’t written a fitness blog in a while, it’s because he’s been in Vegas shooting something top secret. But don’t worry, he came back and I whipped him into shape. (I used a good whip.) A column will appear shortly, and I did manage to steal a selfie from his Sin City Shoot. Ah, we love you, Phil. Don’t ever change, unless it’s out of your clothes.


Hi, I’m Phil Fusco, and selfies make me hot.

Need Some AC? We’re having a heat wave in New York, so get in gear and head to AC (Atlantic City, that is). It’s fun, it’s steeped in history, it has a gay bar, and… read the rest here.


Hi, I’m Landon Conrad, and I just got Pacific Rimmed!

Photo Finish

This photo of Victor Manuel Turpin has nothing to do with anything much, except this man is as hot as the day, and we want him to do an interview with GuySpy! (Photo courtesy of the very talented Harold Baez.) Oh yeah, and he appeared on an episode of Happily Divorced. See, it all comes full beef circle. Agreed that he should do an interview? Let him know on Facebook. 


Hi, I’m David Toussaint, and Victor, get off your a** and call me for that interview!

Till next time…

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