Guy-PS: We Navigate Hot Spots and Cool Stuff for the Week Ahead

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
May 17, 2013
1:33 p.m.

Summer season is just peeking around the corner, and for most guys that can only mean one thing: We’re going to Disney World!


“Has anyone seen a guy in a red shirt?”

Gay Days is back, and along with the usual thrill rides and costumed animals (and that’s just back in your hotel room!), the parties are galore. Check out the We Party on Saturday, June 1, at Disney’s Epcot World Showcase. Now in its 15th year, resident DJ Manuel De Diego takes the realm, while you take your guy. For more information, visit and

On Sunday, June 2, our great friend and amazing DJ Randy Bettis hosts the Gay Days Pool Party. If Randy’s involved, you’d be dumb as a Donald Duck to skip it. For more information on Gay Days, click here. 1056

If you remember last year’s rather immature protests against allowing gays to live their lives like the rest of society, we love this news: A heterosexual Texas mom has created Millions of Moms for Love on facebook, and is trying to get as many “likes” as possible to show how out-dated anti-gay beliefs are. There’s also a website to thank Disney for not succumbing to those One or Two Ignorant Mommies. Here’s the link to the facebook page and the link to the website.

A tad closer than the Big Mouse is Memorial Day Weekend, summer’s official opening, and the GuySpy home offices in Vancouver couldn’t wait to tell me what’s happening in that happening city. To glimpse all the Canada excitement, I took yet another screen shot of the GuySpy offices. Those daring rascals!


“Honey, let’s move to Toronto so we can get some peace and quiet.”


The new “face” of GuySpy?

All snoozing aside, Executive Guyd Morris Chapdelaine and the GuySpy crew are shooting a new series of videos featuring Randy Blue hunks Kai Madison and Jayden Taylor (above). Wow! Follow us on Twitter for live updates and clips.

In Las Vegas, from May 24 – 27, Matinee Las Vegas returns with eight parties and what promises to be one of the biggest day dance festivals of the year. Rumor hotel is hosting, and that place is, truthfully, awesome. For more information, visit jpeg

If you’re headed to Fire Island, hit the first summer Underwear Party on May 24, sponsored by yours truly, among others. The Dworld Underwear party is the largest and longest running event on the island, and for the season opener, Fleet Enema Giveaways for the First 30 Guys. (As if you really need more.) Oh, by the way, pool opens at 2 a.m. for a late-night/early morning skinny dip. For more information on this event, follow Daniel Nardicio on Twitter.


Why is Parker London screaming? Did he find out we revealed his little secret?


In case you’re wondering, I’m the one wearing a hat.

If you miss those hotties Jaymes and James from The Amazing Race, well, miss them no more. I caught up with the happy non-sex couple on their new road trip. Read about it here. No G-Strings were harmed in this interview. Oh, yeah, and James says no lap dances are involved at Chippendales these days. So, um, what was I getting here? >>>>

In other GuySpy news, our Private Eye got the hard news on fake hard-ons and altered states of growth. Warning: You might be a little disappointed. Read about it here. Um, Parker London, I hate to say it but we’ve all seen the films, and the movie camera doesn’t lie. Check out our Tumblr page to see more of, unfortunately, less.


Finally, our very own Jorge Gallegos is sponsoring a huge (for real) event on May 31st in New York. It’s got yoga, it’s got guys, it’s got organic drinks, and it’s called STIFF! Check out the page here, and drop by to say hello.

Photo Finish: Beckham Backs Off


Till next week….


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