HIV/Aids; the risk of working in adult entertainment

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October 3, 2011
10:56 p.m.


Working in the adult entertainment industry comes with its own set of risks. From sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) or more seriously, HIV / aids, models and producers alike need to pay close attention.

Law does not require the use of condoms in male-male porn and most agencies and studios allow models to make their own choice to perform with or without condoms. Models may choose to work exclusively produce bareback scenes.

There are some models will only work with companies that have safer-sex practices and policies. It is the models personal decision, not the agency or studio, if the model will perform safe or bareback

There are a few agencies and studios almost exclusively only produce bareback porn.

“Personally, I prefer to bareback,” said 24 year old gay male porn star Jessy Karson.

Some people find bareback porn offensive, unsafe and irresponsible. There is also a negative stigma because of the risk.

“If you don’t want to see it, don’t watch it,” Jessy bluntly stated.

“We’re selling a fantasy, we have to cater to everyone,” Jessy explained.

Not all agencies require models to get tested prior to a shoot; however, they are required to sign a waiver releasing the agency from any consequences, including the transmission of STI’s or HIV.

Unfortunately Jessy was not careful and contracted the HIV virus three years ago. He does not know whom he got it from; however, he does not hold any anger against the person who infected him.

Jessy carefully monitors his condition with regular check-ups. Today’s advance in the treatment of AIDS allows him to continue to lead a regular, healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to practicing safe sex, Jessy said, “I respect people who pay attention. It’s personal and up to you.”

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