Hump Day Sex Position Of The Week: Captain Evans

Robert Paulson
Authored by
Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
April 9, 2014
8:51 a.m.


It wouldn’t be Wednesday without our weekly gay sex position and this week I’ve got quite the treat in store for you. This is a nice one for beginners because it make things a little bit easier to fit ‘in’, based on the angle- if you know what I mean. Also it’s been inspired by the release of Winter Soldier so it’s the perfect way to end a dinner and a movie date!

Step One: Ask your bottom to lie flat on the floor or soft surface with his back against the ground.

Step Two: The bottom then must raise his legs up in the the air creating a 90 degree angle.

Step Three: The top lies down beside the bottom and penetrates.

Step Four: The bottom can either leave his legs up in the air or rest them on the tops side. However my ken dolls don’t bend at the knee so this’ll have to do.




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