Whose Underwear Do You Want to Slip Into? Weekend Beef-Cap

The Underwear Expert
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The Underwear Expert

February 23, 2013
7:15 p.m.

Decisions, Decisions! Last week’s Beefs were all so hot it’s hard to pick just one. Look on the bright side: more time to ponder over each beautiful image. Here’s a look back at the five Daily Beefs, and our Weekend Beef-Cap Poll to help you decide on your favorite.

Remember, the winner shows off even more of his goods on Monday. That alone is worth the early morning rise.

Monday Beef: Benjamin Godfre


Tuesday Beef: Rhuan Favoretto


Wednesday Beef: Anthony Langford


Thursday Beef: Yannik Zamboni


Friday Beef: Gabin Fueyo

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Anonymous User
martin bryan (Guest)
1 year, 4 months ago

yum yum definitely gabin fueyo :O……faints!