2(X)IST Exclusive: We Go Behind The Scenes With The Models!

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October 30, 2014
6:02 a.m.

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Pictured, above: 2(X)IST creative director Jason Scarlatti (second, left) with his models.

More, more, more! If you didn’t get enough 2(X)IST when our sister site, Out.com, introduced the latest spring collection, we have a few bonus shots for you. Scroll down to see the sexy 2(X)IST boys getting ready backstage, and watch our video the show finale from the front row.

Photography by Mike Coppola for Getty/2(X)IST

Hair and makeup time.

A model strikes a pose backstage.

Hello, boys!

Happy to see you, too.

Don’t look at us like that, we’re blushing.

Keep it bouncing!

Are you into patterns…

… Or monochromes?

Selfie in undies.


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