Adam Sandler And His Animated Quest to See Shaq’s Penis!

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October 28, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Matt Baume

On the list of celebrity triptychs we never expected to see, Conan has managed to join Adam Sandler (remember that guy?) and former genie Shaquille O’Neal with a funny story about dicks. Okay, fine, we’ll watch, if you insist.

On an episode last year, Conan arranged for guest Adam Sandler to relate the tale of trying to spy Shaq’s junk. That would be entertaining enough on its own, but now the story has been animated, because why not, and it’s about a million times more entertaining.

Legend has it that Shaquille O’Neal is, believe it or not, an incredibly funny guy who tells a great joke, which is exactly how the video culminates. We would like to believe that this is actually true, but we are having difficulty understanding how a guy who “gets” comedy could have an IMDb listing that includes Jack and JillScary Movie 4Freddy Got Fingered, and Kazaam. Then there’s also the matter of his homophobic ad from five years ago. (To be fair he was good on Curb Your Enthusiasm, so that’s nice?)

Anyway, here is the animated version of the story that is so good you’ll watch it and then wonder how much time will have to go by before you can steal it and tell it at parties like it actually happened to you:

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