Adult Guyd: Colton Ford’s Bad Behavior

Colton Ford
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Colton Ford

April 4, 2013
5:03 p.m.

Now let’s talk about celebrities and bad behavior. I’ve seen it firsthand and I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories about it in both mainstream entertainment and adult entertainment. It’s like people have lost their damn minds, or at least the ability to keep things in the proper perspective. And I should say that when I’m talking about something I’ve heard, I’m referring to friends whom I know and trust providing information based upon personal experiences. Hearsay is not going to influence my opinion.

I’m not sure why it happens, or how people can get so caught up and lost in their own persona that they forget where they came from, or what’s real. Like they don’t think that it smells when they leave the restroom! I guess you can equate having a level of fame to potentially having a drug problem. It can catch you, take you to places you don’t necessarily want to go, and skew your perception of reality that you may never get back, if you let it.

In the adult-film industry I’ve witnessed the full spectrum of behavior, from people talking about themselves in the third person as if they were part of a royal family or something, to expecting people to know who they are everywhere they go, to trashing hotel rooms like they’re fucking rock stars. They’ve lost their sense of perspective and gratitude, and can’t see past their new-found fame to remember what it’s all about.

In mainstream entertainment, I’ve heard about stars who don’t want anyone to look at them when they come into a room. Now what the fuck is wrong with you to think you shouldn’t even be looked at when you’re out, especially when the nature of your job is all about exploiting your image/talent and making people aware of you and what you do.

Or those stars who have to speak through their assistants to you, even though you are standing right next to them. Knock knock. Who’s there? Crazy! That’s crazy people. I don’t care who you are, if you think that you’re so above people to not want to deal with them directly, even when you’re doing business with them, you need to chickity check yourself! Ridiculous and obnoxious! If you’ve been so blessed to be recognized and revered for what you do, and receive the great fortune and opportunities that can come with it, you need to be walking in gratitude on a daily! It is a blessing that again is a result of the support of your fans.

Now that’s not to say that there aren’t going to be certain situations that dictate putting up some boundaries, and sometimes getting forceful when a level of respect is missing. I get that. And one’s children should be off limits. There is a level of propriety and respect that should be a given to everyone, but to walk around thinking that your shit don’t stink and that you don’t owe anyone an ounce of your time and respect when your career of choice relies on their support, is not understanding what you signed up for. It can be difficult of course, but it comes with the job.

It’s easy for people to call celebrities and other people in the public eye difficult and say that they’re full of themselves; they’re easy targets. But I do think that some get a bad rap for just having a high level of expectation of themselves and the people they work with. After all, if you are your brand, someone not doing their part on your team makes you look bad, not them. It’s the star that takes the brunt of failures and mistakes, even though those things may be a result of someone on their team fucking up or falling short.

I know when I find someone whose talent I truly admire and whose success I really respect, acting inappropriately, disrespectfully, and rudely to people just because they are who they are, their talent doesn’t shine as bright for me. Someone who has such an amazing talent and gift, but diminishes it by being difficult just because they can? Sad. Therapy anyone?

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DNYC (Guest)
8 years, 7 months ago

Couldn’t agree more. Some celebrities are wonderful both on the screen and in person. When you have the opportunity to meet people like that, it really makes you feel great. From a brief introduction years ago during the launch of your documentary, I would describe you (Colton) as being that way. A genuine and approachable personality is much better than a walled, bitchy one.

Then there are those who are just gross and can just suck it. I haven’t experienced many adult actors, but there are some mainstream celebs that I just assume don’t exist. Not going to name names. Except for Courtney Love and Isaac Mizrahi. They are the embodiment of how not to behave.