Adult Guyd: Colton Ford’s End

Colton Ford
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Colton Ford

December 24, 2012
5:12 p.m.

So I’m typing this at 10:06pm on 12/21/12. The end of the world has to happen in less than two hours or it’s too late. Oh what’s going through my mind right now, staring down the barrel of the end of everything! It’s mind-boggling!

What really boggles the mind is that all of this has happened before, a multitude of times. The end of the world comes, and then the end of the world doesn’t happen and fades away until the next predicted date.

The reality is that we don’t know when things will end, and instead of focusing on trying to predict that, we should be focusing on what we can do to preserve our planet and ensure the continuation of our species. We need to start addressing the way we’re living, and truly recognize that our actions have a significant impact on how the planet evolves. Period. The end…

Okay, so I just came back and it’s now 12/22/12. We made it! Whew! Now what? When is the next time the world is supposed to end? I wonder what people do who go into these predictions not only believing in them, but who also change their lives in preparation for them—and then it doesn’t happen? What a strange disappointment for them. Perhaps we should take in the fact that it hasn’t happened every time we’re told it’s supposed to, and just accept the fact that it’s not predictable.

We’ve got so many real things that are happening in our world today that could potentially facilitate our doom. How about we address those things? The violence that is alive and well in the world today. The greed that gets in the way of our health and well-being as a species. The corruption caused by power. How much waste we create each day. These are real and, if not figured out, could truly cause our demise.

As we quickly approach the start of a new year, I hope that what 12/21/12 signifies is a shift in our consciousness. A shift that will find us moving towards a more enlightened and connected world experience. A shift that won’t see the world end, but will help us figure out how to stop the things that could cause it to end.

Here’s to a wonderful, successful, and better New Year!

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