American Beauty: If GuySpy Can Fake It There…

Private Eye
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Private Eye

November 6, 2012
3:53 p.m.

God Bless the U.S. of A! The freedom, the ambition, the censorship? The creative minds at GuySpy got together and came up with what they thought was one heck of a promotional video. The 30-second clip has humor, lots of sexual imagery, and some pretty hot man candy. The spot hit Canada, GuySpy headquarters, with a gang-bang, and lots of great press.

Check it out and you’ll see why.

America was the next world to conquer, and the commercial was sent to Logo to get a good piece of U.S. ass interested in our site. Lo and behold, here’s the email that came back to us:

“We would need the following edits:

Please lose the isolated body shots.

Please lose the guys licking his finger with whip cream on it.

Please lose the shot of the guys with the lotion at his crotch and spraying it.

Please lose the shots of the guys lubing up the corn and deep throating it.

While we accept advertisements for casual dating sites we like to stay away from language like “hook-up, sex, get laid, etc.” and would be restricted to Midnight-6A on LOGO. 

So unfortunately we are not approved as-is.” 

Would Logo tell Michelangelo to cover up The David?

Now before you get all Michele Bachmann on our ass (okay, we love that word), we’re all about comprise and reaching across the aisle. So we fixed the clip to satisfy the American market. Here’s the modified version, which was approved and is currently running.

After checking out both clips, we think you’ll agree that Canada has more than Bacon to get your taste buds flowing.

Want more? check out our feature on uncensored Brent Ray Fraser, the man behind the meat!


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