Andy Dick Steals Man’s Necklace, Rides Off On Bike, Gets Arrested For Grand Theft

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November 11, 2014
6:00 a.m.

AFI-FEST-2006-presented-Audi-Gala-Premiere-FFDKcmrTWvnl-360x538Story Courtesy Of Queerty

The last time we thought about Andy Dick was…well…um, it was really long time ago and he’d done some embarrassing like appeared on Dancing with the Stars or even worse. Now the bi comic is back in the news for yet another of his once-notorious but now desperate-for-attention shenanigans.

TMZ reports the former sitcom star was riding his bike in Hollywood when he noticed a guy with a necklace he admired. As everyone knows, Andy Dick is often distracted by shiny things so he asked the man if he could see it. Then he pulled what can only be described as a dick move and pedaled away with the poor guy’s bling. The man reported the theft to cops who eventually caught up with Andy Dick riding his bike again on Friday. The sometime-entertainer was arrested for grand theft and is currently behind bars awaiting for someone to cough up $25K so he can post bail.

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