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Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

March 3, 2013
7:45 p.m.

Upon attending the Mr. Gay Canada finale I had no idea what to expect. However, when Bobby James stepped out, amped full of energy and bee-lining it to a drum kit, I prepared myself for a show. After his unforgettable drum solo, an almost angelic Asian temptress joined him on stage sporting strapping stilettos and an outfit GaGa would gawk at.

All the skeptics in the audience felt their jaws drop as the beauty belted out a single note that seemed to light up the once dark room. Their dramatic entrance was followed by stirring electronic beats and a memorable performance.

Destineak is a band to be reckoned with. While their music is amazing, it’s their energy that establishes them as a must-see. The real-life couple met me backstage for an interview about all the gritty details of their first encounter, being trained by drag queens, and the key to their electrifying stage presence.

I can tell you guys really get along on stage and off, but how did you first meet?

Christina: Bobby, did you wanna take that one?

Bobby: I was invited into the fashion industry in Vancouver by a gentleman named Thomas Linch. I was Drumattic at the time, drumming and DJ-ing, and Christina was in the house band that was opening. We ended up colliding at the event and she thought I was a sweaty roadie loading my drums in.

Christina: Let’s just say, long story short. I saw, I wanted, I conquered. It was love at first sight. It was at a gig, you know? We were doing music, I was opening up for Bobby with my band Free Spank, and uhhhh…

Bobby: She didn’t charge me!

Christina: We kissed for like hours…

Bobby: We ended up hanging out and it was one of those things where we walked into a room and there was a ton of things going on and we were just like “Sorry, we’re busy.” She took me home and there was a guitar. [Then] she just started singing and I was like “the world has got to hear this!”

Christina: It’s awesome because I get to work with the one person who believes in me the most. I don’t know if a lot of people know this but Bobby James is pretty famous in his own right. So he’s probably the most famous person that I have ever met. Bobby had already had a very prolific touring career before he met me with lots of really big band names, so it was really awesome to have someone that big believe in me.

Bobby: That’s bullshit! I showed up with a camera, told you I was a photographer, and–

Christina: I have been getting naked for him ever since!

Known as one of the bigger bands in the Vancouver gay scene, it seems strange for a straight couple to have such a loyal following. How did that come about?

Bobby: I’ll take that one! I used to dance a lot at the Odyssey with a pair of bongo drums in between my legs. So I dragged my drums out every Friday and it started off with “Just make sure you can play and it works with the DJ and bla bla!” Next thing you know it’s like two drums, next thing you know it’s a whole drum kit, next thing you know I am DJ-ing and drumming. We would just get drunk and have a good time and play music and learn from the underground vibe.

Christina: We play electronic music and I would say back when we started, a little while ago, dance music wasn’t mainstream. [Yet] in the gay scene, it was always huge, huge, huge. I wasn’t trying to kick the door down. I remember playing and opening for like R&B and Hip Hop and people were like “What is this beat?” But now everyone really gets it. Before that, the gays, we knew!

At gay shows everyone really wants to celebrate love and unity, and the difference between [gays and] the straight club scene is everyone just wants to party. Here, everyone has a purpose.

Bobby: There is a bit of a reason behind it.

You guys have an undeniably amazing stage presence. Do you prefer live performance over the recording process? 

Christina: We are stage whores! We love writing but–

Bobby: It’s where we do our most fighting!

Christina: We do a lot of the ego tripping in the studio. Especially when you work with your husband. I like energy and I like people. I do it to play.

Bobby: When my friends comment, they are like “You guys get along so good. The only thing I hear you guys fight about is this production thing.”

As we spoke, it was between sets, and Christina was sporting an almost swimsuit style body suit and hair that seemed to defy the laws of gravity. I couldn’t help asking where her fashion sense came from. 

Christina: Slowly but surely it’s been coming together. I have to say that being in the gay scene has helped me develop my style, personally, a lot. Being a performer at the Odyssey along-side Bobby, and being groomed and being perfected by all of these drag queens and hairstylists. It’s really hard to compete! And when they treat you like their little project it’s amazing!

Bobby: They are like “You’re not going out there like that, are you?”

Christina: I also want to be just a little bit avant-garde. It takes a lot of guts to be out there. You have to fucking look great!

Bobby: When you are on stage you are up there because your fans are supporting you. You gotta give ’em something!

Whether they were tearing up the stage at Mr. Gay Canada or blowing us away with fire dancers and fierce fashion statements at The Snow Ball, they were the best performers at Winter Pride. They have a handful of singles soon to be dropped and their website is the best tool to stay on top of what’s on its way.

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JeremyVanDyke (Guest)
8 years, 8 months ago

They are the cutest couple I have ever seen! Well, next to me and my boy of course 😉 The music is actually really awesome as well! It makes me want to jump off my seat and dance till the cows come home!

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DENYC (Guest)
8 years, 8 months ago

LOVE!! Great article on an amazing Canadian act. xo