Blackspade Underwear Keeps “It” Casual And Supported

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October 6, 2015
5:00 a.m.

Blackspade has basic men’s underwear down to an organic science. The underwear brand is all about creating comfortable pairs of underwear made exclusively from natural materials. With a variety of collections to choose from, casual Blackspade underwear is also suitable for any climate or lifestyle. And according to the brand’s international site, Blackspade aims to be the underwear your soul would wear.

You won’t find flashy designs, skimpy cuts or otherwise sexualized pairs of underwear from Blackspade. Instead, Blackspade exclusively designs their underwear to be modest, comfortable and a better option for casual styled undies. And while some of their collections go as far as including a thong style option, the rest are almost exclusively offered in brief, boxer brief or trunk (shorty) cuts.

Casual Blackspade underwear also comes almost exclusively in solid designs; the main exceptions are graphic pairs from the Sport Collection and the Stripe Collection. And with the exception of the Colours Collection, nearly every pair of Blackspade underwear is made with a solid black, white, grey or navy design. Just like with formal attire, these four colors are the norm when it comes to casual men’s underwear.

Christian Camacho models three pairs of casual Blackspade underwear in The Underwear Expert’s exclusive photoshoot below. The first pair is the solid black boxer brief accented by a thin white line that suggests a waistband rather than emphasizes it. It’s sleek design is great for any given day and passable as a date night pair of underwear simply for being black, sleek and form-fitting.

You can see more of this photoshoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

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