Bump! Guyd: Bobsledding into the Paws of a Muscle Bear

Charlie David
Authored by
Charlie David

December 27, 2012
2:44 p.m.

Whistler is a winter wonderland and has became a world-renowned destination infamous for its breathtaking views, powder skiing, and party lifestyle. I was admiring the views from the mountain top when I received some inviting GuySpy messages from muscle bear Scott Bolton.

He was fireside at the base of the mountain and teased at a surprise. Without my skis it was imperative I find the quickest way down. My need for speed led me to the Olympic Bobsled track where tourists can sign up for the ride of their life. Adrenaline Junky? Speed Freak? Oh yeah, sign me up! Get ready for the chill and thrill of bobsledding!

Photo Credit: Mark Henderson


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