Bump! Guyd: Pablo Hernandez Struts His Scruff

Charlie David
Authored by
Charlie David

December 21, 2012
2:10 a.m.

Happy holidays! If you haven’t finished shopping for all your favorite boyfriends I’ll point you in the right direction. They will thank you, and then you’ll thank me for getting them gussied up in gear that will accentuate the assets that made you trip over yourself in the first place. One of my favorite sports is shopping and there’s no better place to do it than in the Big Apple. I stopped in at one of my favorite boutiques, Rufskin, to find out about their latest trends. They surprised me with a personal fashion show with one of my favorite models, Pablo Hernandez!

Pablo had me eating out of his hand after strutting his scruff. 10’s across the board!


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