Clever Fitness Is Working Out With A Sexy Friend

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June 11, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Two Clever underwear models exercise outdoors in the new Making of Clever Fitness 2015 clip. But this isn’t your average workout – this is the workout of an underwear model. Some of us use the big tire at the gym. But do you find a tower and throw a chain on it for your leg raises?

The Making of Clever Fitness 2015 isn’t so much about the Colombian brand’s moisture wicking pairs as it is about living a healthy lifestyle. Not that everyone’s fitness goal should be looking like these guys. Their activewear is on-point, especially when it slides down to reveal a Clever waistband. But like we said, this isn’t about activewear, but being active, and able to pull off any look you put on.

The model’s cool-off period consists of an underwear photoshoot – they are underwear models, after all. Both guys wear some of Clever’s latest brief designs, including the updated Classic Brief in Black and White. It’s casual and discrete with a square cut that’s narrow, but still more reserved than a hip brief. The Catay Brief in Gray is also an Underwear Expert favorite, and is designed with the same cut.

The Catay Brief is the most modern underwear sighting you’ll catch in the Making of Clever Fitness 2015 video. It has a gray body contrasted by a stylish teal waistband. It doesn’t read as a sexy pair of underwear, thanks to its athletic build. But it’s the same-sheer, textured fabric that lets your mind run wild. It’s a design that’s on-point for one of your summer’s hottest days.

You can see more of Clever on The Underwear Expert.

Video Credit: Clever

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