Closet Talk: Married Anonymous Guys Share The Awful Reality Closeted!

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Guest Guyd
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March 10, 2015
6:00 a.m.

Closet Story Courtesy Of Dan Tracer

It bears repeating: Life isn’t meant to be lived in a closet. It’s dark, cramped and smells like moth balls.

Living in the closet can make for a horrible reality, and luckily more and more people are choosing to step out into the wonderful land of “out.”

But the pressure to suppress your true identity is increased tenfold if you’ve already made milestone life decisions based on a lie you tell yourself and others. For married men, especially ones with kids, coming out can seem like an impossible choice.

We wanted to hear what it’s like for married men in the closet, and Whisper was on hand to deliver these unfortunate stories:





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7 years, 1 month ago

I was married fior years and had pretty good sex. Also had gay fantasy’s since puberty. After ten years, we drufred apart, and I finally came out. Sex is way better. Best Parrt about gay sex versus straight.. Guys know what feels good to guys.. And my biggest turnn on, is when I am driving a man to incredible ecstasy
I have had gay sex sessions that have lasted, literally all night, and when I woke up, we were both just as horny. I have never hears any straight tell of an experience like that. Gay awz with the right guy, makes life fucking fantastic.