Conchita Wurst Would Relish An Opportunity To Get Inside Putin’s Head

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December 31, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Story Courtesy Of Winston Gieseke

Move over, Madonna and Gaga. There’s a new politically-minded musical diva hoping to make things right in the world.

Bearded drag beauty Conchita Wurst, whose Eurovision victory earlier this yearsignaled “the end of Europe,” according to one Russian MP, says she’d like a sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

PinkNews reports that Wurst told theAustrian Kurier she would not only love to perform in Russia but that she’d welcome the opportunity to get inside the brain of its notoriously antigay leader:

“I absolutely [want a gig] there. I have many fans in Russia. This is incredibly beautiful because it shows me that many Russians do not agree with the decisions of their government. … I would like to spend a week with Putin, so I can better understand him. … What does it mean to be Vladimir Putin? What pressure is he under?”

While Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov has reportedly “laughed off” the notion of a meeting between the president and the princess, the singer is no stranger to world leaders, having previously met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and performed for both the United Nations and the Europan Parliament.

And while it does seem a bit ridiculous, we certainly can’t fault her for putting it out there. Because let’s face it: A tête–à–tête seems a far more logical way to improve relations than, say, making a short film in which people run around in various states of undress shooting each other for no reason. After all, it’s never too late for Russia to rise like a phoenix.

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