Danny Hilton, Helen Mirren and Katy B: GuySpy at As One In The Park

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
June 6, 2013
10:14 a.m.

The last weekend of May is traditionally a big party weekend in lots of places – Memorial Day Weekend in the USA, and one of the biggest Bank Holiday weekends in the UK. Morris and me went to London for As One In The Park, a one day music festival put together by the kings of gay clubbing, Orange Nation.


Danny Hilton and Morris Chapdelaine at the Tower of London

We were amazingly lucky to have awesome weather all weekend, with temperatures in the 20s (centigrade) and not a cloud in the sky. The best kind of London weather (but not the most regular). I was super-excited as not only would I be running around with my hot promo GuySpy boys, I was also set to perform my debut track on the Main Stage!


Our awesome booth in sunny London!

After setting up the GuySpy stall and sorting out the boys, it was time for me to head backstage to collect my dancers. We were given our own little trailer with tons of beer and red bull. After a bit of ‘warming up,’ we were ready to go…


Danny Hilton and the fabulous dancers, put together by Chester Hayes

As I stood by the side of the stage, about to go on, I notice a goft buggie speeding directly towards me. It stops alongside me. “Have the drummers been on yet?” Says a woman in pink. “Not yet,” I say. After half a second I realise that the woman in pink is Dame Helen Mirren. “Hello Helen Mirren, sorry, hello Dame Helen, I’ve not seen the drummers, but I’m about to go on, I’m Danny Hilton Music.” I raise my hand to help Dame Helen Mirren out of the golf buggie, she accepts and smiles. “Hello Danny Hilton Music,” she says. We have a quick chat about my music, As One and the drummers, and then I’m called to the stage, with my new rather fabulous buddy cheering me on.

Danny and the Dame 111

Danny Hilton and Dame Helen Mirren

I’m still waiting for some photos from the stage, but these are what I’ve got so far. The crowd, which was steadily building, dancing and generally in an awesome mood, are just out of shot! I sang my debut track “Loving You (For The Last Time)” for the first time in the UK, as well as a Lana Del Ray mash-up, and some Daft Punk! Other performers on the day included Katy B, Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Union J and Rita Ora – so I sure was in good company.


Danny Hilton on stage (backstage view)


Danny Hilton on stage (frontstage view)

After the buzz of performing live, it was time to get out into the rest of the park and party! Back at the GuySpy booth, Kingsley, Andrew and Sam were looking hot in their GuySpy vests and shorts – although Sam and Andrew weren’t wearing theirs for very long…

sam and andrew

Andrew Moore and Sam Cassidy, our promo heroes!

There was so much going on in the park – the market area was buzzing with people dancing, playing volleyball and of course sunbathing and drinking. Everyone was loving the sunshine and the music and our GuySpy hats and sunnies!

as one 111

Andrew wins some boys over to the GuySpy cause!

johnny hooley and issac jones and friends

Johnny Hooley, Issac Jones and friends

Superstar DJ Lee Harris

Superstar DJ, Lee Harris

The Circuit dance tent and the Deelooded area were off the scale, with an awesome line-up of DJs and talent.

dance tent

The Circuit Festival Dance Tent

As One tent

Left or right?

As One delooded

The Delooded area

After a day of running around, promoting, performing and partying, it was time to head back to the relative calm of the artist’s enclosure. I had time to catch up with the awesome Katy B, and Holly Johnson of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

danny hilton and katy b

Danny Hilton and Katy B

Morris, Holly, Danny

Morris Chapdelaine, Holly Johnson and Danny Hilton

What an awesome day! Morris and me were soon whisked up by a golf buggie (Helen Mirren style), and then to a taxi back to the hotel (The Hilton, of course!) We had As One In The Dark at FIRE in just a few hours!

Photos Danny’s own, or from the As One In The Park facebook page


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