Dear Guru #1: Answering a Reader’s Question about Manscaping and Boyzillians

Evan Kaminsky
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Evan Kaminsky

February 8, 2011
1:07 p.m.






Today I have decided to feature a question from one of my readers. I think that it is informative for those new to the world of professional grooming. If you have a question you’d like answered and possibly featured in this blog, please contact me at

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Dear Guru,

I was so glad to come across your blog in a Facebook posting. I’ve always been curious about male grooming but I am clueless how to start. I’ve tried shaving my balls, but always end up nicking myself or miss some hair. So what exactly is involved in Manscaping or a Boyzillian? Does it hurt? What should I expect?


Furry in Fremont


Dear Furry,

First off, I’d like to say thank you asking these questions. I find that a lot of guys have a general idea of what happens during a Boyzillian, but most descriptions are too general, leaving it up to the patron to imagine.  Perhaps you might think it’s a barbaric act of torture that no man should ever endure, and cringe at the mere thought of hair being ripped out of your sack. I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that bad. In fact I decided to remind myself of the feeling and waxed my own nuts last week. It’s much more awkward working on yourself. I had one leg up on the table and mirrors set up and it was a little messy, but I did it. To tell you the truth the anticipation is much worse than the actual act. There are certain sensitive areas like on the pubic bone, just above the penis, which is more uncomfortable, but it happens so quickly that it’s over before you feel anything.

So, to answer your first question, what is involved in Manscaping or a Boyzillian? (for those who are unsure, Manscaping involves the trimming of body hair, not hair removal.  A Boyzillian is the male version of the women’s Brazilian) Typically, Manscaping and Boyzillians go hand in hand. You gotta trim the shrubs and remove the weeds to make the tree look bigger, right? Most men Manscape pubic hair, chest hair, their beards, even legs and back, which simply trims the hair to the desired length in key parts of the body. No pain at all.

For your second question, I’ll tell you how I perform a Boyzillian in my practice, step by step.  After my client removes their clothes, I have them get on the table on all fours (Although this sounds like the beginning of a hot Xtube video, it is quite clinical for me; a gay man, playing with a man’s junk for a half hour…very clinical). Starting them in this position does two things; a) it helps spread the cheeks to get to the area (asshole) to be waxed. b) Waxing in this position enables me to remove hair all the way to the t’aint (t’aint yer balls n’ t’aint yer ass) which is a great place to start when we get around to the front.

I use a hard wax which has a different melting point than traditional wax. It only sticks to the hairs and not the skin so it is gentler to the client and I don’t need to use cloth strips to remove the wax. I start by applying a light layer of oil over the skin of the area to be waxed. This helps keep the wax from sticking to the skin. The wax is warm, but shouldn’t be scalding (you don’t want to burn the goods) and is applied with a popsicle stick or tongue depressor in the direction of the hair growth then let to cool. Since we naturally have more heat in these areas it may take a minute or so. The edge of the wax is then pulled against the hair growth and the hairs come with it. Same process happens in the front, pulling the penis or scrotum in different directions as needed until the desired hair is removed. After waxing, I clean up with a soothing lotion that helps remove excess wax then remove any excess with toner.

 During the waxing you may get an erection or even more (and I’m flattered, but I really want to keep things professional) which can be embarrassing to some people. Don’t worry if you do. In Fact a stiff dick is easier to wax. Plus I’m a professional. I’ve had more stiff cocks in my hands than a referee at a rooster fight! I treat it like any other appendage…you know, a baby arm holding an apple or is some cases a big toe. Besides the occasional boner you don’t have much else to worry about. Make sure that you are not using vitamin A based product such as Retin-A or Retinol because they thin the skin which makes it dangerous to wax.

So Furry, I hope I’ve eased your mind about waxing. Stop bic-ing the balls and cutting yourself and try coming to the Guru for your first experience. I’ll be gentle.




SF Beauty and Grooming Guru, Evan Kaminsky


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