Music Guyd: Diamond Rings

Connor Sobolik
Authored by
Connor Sobolik

October 9, 2012
8:01 p.m.

Diamond Rings is a vibrant and colourful new artist who is celebrating gender diversity with just enough talent and an extra dose of creativity. Fresh from the Ontario suburbs, Rings is a one-man band who spends just as much time on his makeup as he does his music.

His lyrics, while excellent, are juxtaposed to a fun and simple beat that make you feel as if you could start a band of your own. However trivial, simple, or inexperienced his sound may be, he has an undeniable energy that is easy to gravitate to. His songs will either make you want to laugh and frolic while licking a triple scoop on a sunny day, or slip into a rhinestone-studded top and spend a night on the town. His voice is a low and surprising combination of sounds to come from a boy in rainbow eyeliner and such a poppy techno style. From his colossal height to his solo stage presence, he is not what you would expect.

“I’m Just Me,” his most recent single, is an anthem of self acceptance in relation to his gender neutrality. The general message is the obvious “I’m no son or daughter, I’m just me” which, while simple, is fun to hear from someone in the limelight. In a goal to diversify his sound, Rings’ single is a more somber memoir of personal growth while still emulating the upbeat levity of his earlier work. It still holds true to his characteristically garage band mystique.

Though his anonymity may have once given him appeal, it is time he hit it big. With his new album, Free Dimensional, being released October 10, I look forward to seeing him on the billboard charts, glitter and all.

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