‘DJ The Dog Who Rescued Me’ Book Party In NYC

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
November 17, 2013
12:47 p.m.

Every year Out Magazine holds its enormous Out 100 gala that can only be described as “fabulous.” Fabulous people, fabulous entertainment, fabulous fabulousness. As an invitee, I’ll admit I was flattered and thrilled at the opportunity to show up and get a photo with the likes of Steve Grand or Debbie Harry, and be the envy of non-New Yorkers, non-fabulous people everywhere.

I wasn’t there.

Turns out, my date, a good friend, called me at about nine p.m., just as I was getting ready, with some troubling news. He’d been to the doctor that day and was told he might have cancer. Serious stuff. He actually apologized and told me to go ahead without him. Instead, we talked till about 11 p.m.

In our community, as in life, it’s often easy to forget our priorities, sometimes at the risk of what’s truly important.1450184_648854181832499_2038680904_n

I wrote DJ: The Dog Who Rescued Me about a time in my life when I was rather unhappy. I’d just spent a year reveling in the attention I’d gotten from authoring a best-selling gay wedding book, and all the praise and parties and hot-list invites one gets from being a Random House author. Then the booked stopped selling, the people stopped calling, the agent didn’t answer his phone. No longer fabulous, I adopted a dog, DJ, and the rest is his story.

On Tuesday, November 12, I hosted a book party event at Elmo Lounge in New York, to celebrate the book and to spend time with friends and loved ones. (All photos by JJ Mack).


I had a great time, and I hope others did too. There were no go-go boys, no disc jockey, and no red carpet. There were gay people and straight people, and my dog, who’s had some health issues and needed to get permission from the vet to attend.


My publisher Roseann Lentin, book photographer Piero Ribelli, and DJ

I wasn’t originally going to post this event for GuySpy, but then decided how important it is that we take the time to remember that life isn’t just about being number one on the hot list. You are your own hot list, and you create your own happiness.

Did I miss going to Out 100? Of course! Was it more important that I take care of my friends and keep perspective? I think we all know the answer to that question.


Richard Woolley and William Hellow

One of the joys of parties such as these is that it’s an excuse to see friends you’ve somehow neglected for ages. Like the two men, above… And the two men below.


Camillo A. Sabello and Tom Porto

And that a sweetheart like Sir Ari Gold won’t just donate a signed copy of his latest CD for a raffle, but also drop by for a squeeze. He really is the Love Guyd!


David Toussaint, DJ, and Sir Ari Gold


Piero Ribelli’s amazing photo display from the book, and the Elmo spread!

Of course, anytime this guy shows up, it’s always a tad fabulous….


Vivek Batra and David Toussaint

… With a little bit of rock and roll thrown in, courtesy of The Smith’s Bassist, Andy Rourke.


Andy Rourke and wife Francesca

And what would any party be without two texters smack in the middle of things…


Don’t worry: I made the cuties, Jean-Michael Somma and GuySpy’s own Jorge Gallegos, strike a pose! (below).


Jean-Michael Somma, David Toussaint, and Jorge Gallegos.

We sold some books, signed a bunch, I had a chance to see some great friends and meet some fascinating people, and then, when it all wrapped up, I took DJ home, walked him, and snuggled. I’m not sure who was more tired, him or me. I do know that, at the end of any day, the love we share with our animals is, in a word, fabulous.


For more photos, “like” DJ: The Dog Who Rescued Me on Facebook. For book information, click here. Special thanks to Roseann Lentin, Piero Ribelli, and Elmo Lounge. All photographs: JJ Mack.


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Ingrid Davidsen (Guest)
7 years, 3 months ago

David – your party was wonderful – so many good good people getting together to toast you, DJ, and Piero – good stuff!