Drag Me: Top 13 Hilarious Celebrity Drag Makeovers!

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March 13, 2015
6:01 a.m.

Drag Story Courtesy Of Dan Tracer

If the wait from Drag Race Monday to Drag Race Monday is just too insufferable and you don’t have access to local drag realness, here’s a Tumblr that might calm the nerves.

Celebrities as drag queens is everything its title promises to be.

Creator Christopher McParlan described his process to Buzzfeed:

“I just normally take requests on who to transform, but sometimes I’ll think ‘oh, I haven’t done this person yet, that could be a good idea.’

To make the transformations, I first get rid of all of the eyebrows/stubble, then contour the face, create the eye makeup, add some eyelashes, and finally contour some more.”

The results are truly horrifying.

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Take a look at some examples:

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