Pop Guyd: Homorazzi’s Week in Review

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August 24, 2012
11:29 p.m.

Hope everyone’s week went well. It’s time for your weekly fix of our Top 5 entertainment stories. If there are specific topics you’d like us to cover, leave a comment. We’re always up for suggestions. PS. If you missed our recap last week, click here. Have a safe and fun weekend. xoxo Homorazzi.com.

Obsess Over Thom Evans’ Sexy Bod In New Pictorial

WOOF. Like seriously, WOOF. If you thought Thom Evans’ previous photos were hot, be prepared to sit at your desk for a while after checking out these photos. Trust us, you’ll have a big ol’ boner for several minutes trying to calm yourself “down.” There should be a law against looking this damn fine. Click here for the photos.

Celine Dion Sporting Bangs & Wearing Stuffed Animals in Crazy New Photo Shoot

Things have been relatively quiet on the Celine Dion front lately. Perhaps the French-Canadian chanteuse realized this as well and decided to orchestrate a splashy return to the public eye. The 44-year-old superstar posed for a series of ‘interesting’ photos for V Magazine’s Travel Issue, where Nicole Kidman is showing off her butt on the cover. Apparently, V is were middle-aged women go and get frisky. Click here for the photos.

Tom Daley Poses For Heat Magazine

Heat magazine is the UK equivalent of People or Us Weekly but with a little bit more of a pop culture edge. In their latest issue, Olympic diver and Team Great Britain hottie Tom Daley pulls out his strongest Clark Kent impression. Sporting dress pants, a button-down shirt, quirky glasses, and those ripped abs, the only thing Tom is missing is the iconic “S” on his chest. Click here for the photos.

Christina Aguilera’s “Body” Leaks

Christina Aguilera is about to return to your playlists with a new collaboration with hit-maker Max Martin, called “Your Body.” The diva has been shooting the music video and working on her album cover shoot as well. We’ve included a couple pictures that she posted, below. The leaked demo of “Your Body” hit the web today, and we think it’s definitely in the right direction for Christina. Click here to listen to the track.

Shia LaBeouf to Have Actual Sex On Screen

A few months ago, Shia showed off his “labeouf” in a music video for Sigur Ros. Now he’s going one step further and doing the actual deed for the aptly titled The Nymphomaniac. No simulated sex here, but full-on raging sexual intercourse. Lars Von Trier, who wrote the amazing Dancer in The Dark, starring Bjork, is helming the project. While Labeouf won’t be the first to have sex for the silver screen, he’ll definitely be the most famous. Click here for more details.

Before we say good-bye till next week, we wanted to share a few other highlights from Homorazzi.com over the past seven days.


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