Matinee Circuit Festival: Exclusive Podcast By DJ Tom Stephan (Superchumbo)

Danny Hilton
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Danny Hilton
London Correspondent
August 22, 2013
3:11 p.m.

Last week was THE craziest gay party week in Europe, if not the world. This of course, was Matinee Circuit Festival, Barcelona 2013.

I met some of the most fun, up-for-it people in the world, and fell in (and out of) love more than is healthy for any 20-something year old man in one week. My recovery is still “in progress.” It is going to take a while.

Danny Rides Cow

Danny Hilton rides “Milky” the La Leche cow, at Atlantida, last weekend.

My favourite day party was La Leche, for obvious reasons (see above). My favourite night party was Matinee Pervert, and I’ve got a treat for everyone… DJ Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) recorded his set for us, live!

This super-talented, super-handsome NYC native/London resident, has released four number one dance hits in the US, remixing artists like Missy Elliot, Pet Shop Boys and Basement Jaxx. He’s launched his own club nights in London, tag-teamed with Roger Sanchez in Ibiza, and headlined at some of the best clubs in the world.

Here’s your chance to live or re-live a bit of that Matinee Circuit Festival magic.

So pump up the volume and think of the good times!


Over to Tom Stephan (Superchumbo):

“So I’m a Circuit Festival Virgin! Well, I was. And everything I heard about it was true! These guys had been going since 6pm in the evening, and this was day eight of the festival! But the place was on fire and full of energy when I arrived.

I was greeted by a room full of guys in harnesses and jocks, and the fabulous Alex Mercurio on stage (long blonde hair and a black moustache), so obviously I felt right at home. I dove right in with a mix of big room drums, vocal and techy beats, throwing in a little classic here and there before dropping back into beats. The energy was still peaking into the early hours of the morning, so I kept the beats banging until the very last minute – finishing off with my latest track “Sushi Darling” by Borja Peña and I (The Cucarachas). I had such a great night – I’m already looking forward to next summer!!

You can download “Sushi Darling,” Tom and Borja’s new track, right here.

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adamml (Guest)
4 years, 3 months ago

It’s not bad and he is hella hot!

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Aaron88 (Guest)
4 years, 3 months ago

This is awesome! Thanks for another amazing mix for the weekend!