Fifty Shades Of Grey Debuts Sexy New Trailer

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November 16, 2014
6:00 a.m.


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During this week’s episode of Scandal, a new trailer for Fifty Shades Of Grey debuted. Definitely a wise move to pair it up with the steamy ABC drama. I’m sure there’s a huge crossover of viewers who also read the book.

Given that it was network television, the visual could only go so far in terms of what they could show. With that being said, there wasn’t a shortage of hot moments, including the screencap above.

While I’m still not a fan of Dakota Johnson’s casting and extremely bummed Jamie Dornan’s peen won’t make an appearance, this new trailer has me excited to check out the erotic film based on EL James’ best-selling novel. The decision to use Beyonce’s “Haunted” in the trailer was a savvy one. It certainly amped up the sultry factor.

Fifty Shades of Grey opens in theaters Valentines Day 2015. Check out the new trailer below which gives a better look at Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain and Dornan’s juicy torso. Imagine that on the big screen 😉

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer #2

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