Finn Wittrock: Open Playing Matt Bomer’s Victim In AHS Hotel

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April 7, 2015
6:02 a.m.

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Casting has only just begun on American Horror Story: Hotel, but everyone is already clamoring to know who’s out—bye, Jessica Lange!—and, more importantly, who’s in! Yet, don’t count on any of past AHS actors to drop any hints.

“He’s kept a lot of actors in the dark so far,” Finn Wittrock says. The 30-year-old actor was Freak Show’s breakout star, playing the murder-obsessed Dandy Mott. But he fully admits he’s been sucked into creator Ryan Murphy’s AHS world. “I’m stuck! [Laughs] Like I say, Ryan’s very loyal,” he adds with a promise that he just might, oh so possibly, may be back.

In his debut season, Wittrock made his mark by not only killing off most of the cast, but also sharing an intimate, bloody scene with fellow newcomer, Matt Bomer.

AHS Freak Show

Murphy already announced that the Magic Mike actor has checked into Hotel. And the thought of Wittrock showing up to let Bomer return the favor (and cruelly end his character’s life, after stripping him down to his undies) is not lost on the actor. “That might be in the cards,” Wittrock says playfully.

While his future on AHS is unclear—hey, he has options if he wants to join alums Sarah Paulson on American Crime Story or Emma Roberts on Scream Queens—Wittrock mentions there may be another Murphy project in the works. “There’s been talk actually with Ryan [Murphy] about this play,” he tells ETonline, “But it’s down the road. I’m definitely itching to do something [on stage] again.”

Now, it’s just a matter of “wait and see.”

For more on what’s next for Wittrock, including both the stage and screen, read his full interview at ETOnline.

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