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December 21, 2010
11:19 a.m.

Wow, it was an insane but glorious time in New Orleans and Florida. Hot, humid and hectic. We got back a few days ago and I’m at work again but at least I haven’t gotten the flu that Colin has (yet).

We went to a huge fleamarket in Navarre where I, quite regretably, did not buy this amazing painting

New Orleans was wall to wall hot men and we spent a wonderful night chatting with Randy and Eric at the Phoenix/Eagle. Randy is my new Sage. The drunker he got the more sense he made. It was a magical sight. He talked about the impending death of the gay sleaze bar and the gentrification of leather. As the world gets more accepting and exposed to gay life the more the need to shock and surprise becomes tedious. We can be ourselves at most bars now so why remain secluded?

The panhandle was great and wonderfully relaxing as we swam under the stars and almost got run off the road by a crazy redneck. And I’m not using the term “run off the road” lightly or as a joke, we seriously almost were dead and killed like. It was unnerving but we survived.

Boiled peanuts are FOUL!


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