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July 30, 2015
5:00 a.m.

The latest Freedom Reigns campaign is further proof the best things come in threes. David Rest, Sam C., and Sam Ortiz take their rocking bodies and Los Angeles fashion to Malibu Beach. But this isn’t just another swimwear campaign. David and the Sams also model the latest and greatest of Freedom Reigns’ underwear and activewear in a stunning photoshoot. But what makes this hot summer campaign even cooler? The accompanying video below, complete with glimpses of behind-the-scenes action – wardrobe changes included.

Shot by photographer Scott Palmer, the new Freedom Reigns campaign works its way up and down the beach, from the actual sand to a luxurious room overlooking the water. Oh, and there’s a Ferrari parked out front. Each location is paired with a certain Freedom Reigns line to better bring out the brand’s summer 2015 attitude. It’s bold and sexy, and has just enough trendy bite to leave a mark. Especially with the new Freedom Reigns Swimwear.

In some of the video’s best parts, we follow David and the Sams to Malibu Beach where there’s plenty of hard work to be done. It’s someone’s job to oil up the models’ bodies – waists, chests, and all. It’s also someones job reflect light off all those firm muscles. The models work too. They’ve got to run back and forth so we can see their muscles move. They’ve got a stand perfectly still and let waves crash on their faces. And then there’s the wardrobe changes. Stepping in and out of the brand’s standout swim briefs, we get to some slowed down looks at each of their butts. You won’t see that in the lookbook.

You can see more of Freedom Reigns on The Underwear Expert.

Video Credit: Freedom Reigns

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