Gaia – The Awakening

Charlie David
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Charlie David

April 12, 2011
11:32 a.m.

I believe we are in a unique time of awakening on the planet.  Many people the world over are being touched by new inspiration and realization about our intrinsic connections – both to each other, to the earth and to the universe as we know it.  To begin to truly accept and understand our oneness I think it’s important to begin with the physical world because it is the most immediately accessible and apparent.

Gaia - a complex entity involving the Earth’s biosphereatmosphereoceans, and soil; the totality constituting a feedback or cybernetic system which seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on this planet.

James Lovelock

There is a new school emerging and it’s free to attend.  What’s funny is that my mother told me to attend for many years and I ignored her advice as simple and ‘not in touch with the real world.’  In fact she’s always been more connected to the Origin than most, certainly more than myself.  She used to tell me when I’d be slaving days away building our talent agency in Vancouver to ‘get outside, go for a walk, sit in the grass…’

I always mumbled the same,  ”Sure, will do.”  But I never did.  I was always too busy back then.  The concept of simply sitting in the grass may sound strange unless you’re in 1st grade and have a handful of marbles.  I believe we as living organisms on the earth (Gaia) have a need to connect to the earth and her energy.  This does not happen easily through concrete which is why when I’m in cities like New York I have to go to Central Park everyday for a walk.  Otherwise I quickly begin to feel… disconnected, both to the earth and certainly to other people.  I become snappy, self-centered and annoyed with others that are ‘in my way.’  Ewww… what a gross feeling to have.  Yet, let me take 1/2 hour in a park and I’ll be smiling all day.

James Lovelock who I quoted above is credited with the Gaia Hypothesis which you can read about here. Though  there is tremendous debate both for and against the idea, Lovelock certainly provides some astounding (and yet in some ways expected for those who embrace the miraculous interconnectivity of the universe) research into the ways our planet has and continues to provide hospitable conditions for innumerable species and how quickly the chain breaks down with the removal of each.  One microbiologist supported Lovelock by stating, “Darwin’s grand vision was not wrong, only incomplete. In accentuating the direct competition between individuals for resources as the primary selection mechanism, Darwin (and especially his followers) created the impression that the environment was simply a static arena.”

Aha!  So are we to then suppose that the earth is not static at all but in fact has…. CONSCIOUSNESS. And consciousness at its essence is simply an acknowledgement that one is not alone.  So if Gaia in fact possesses consciousness, one might further that thought to assume that each and every organism existing in her realm has also been endowed with consciousness.  So why are we as humans so keen to turn it off?

Whether one is keen to adopt a personification of our planet or not, most of us will agree that our home is going through rapid changes and many of those can be explained through scientific evaluation as direct results of human choices to disconnect from each other, from other life forms and from the earth itself through old school cave man principles… what exactly do I mean by that?

What I mean is that we are still operating from a mentality of self and of greed.  We are acting in ways that are in fact contrary to our reality.  Like our ancient ancestors we are on a continual hunt for MORE. The reality is we have more than enough.  If we all just stopped and looked around we would realize how crazy it’s all become.  My personal belief is there is a dichotomy within us.  We are rapidly expanding our consciousness and spiritually evolving into a new existence but we are currently held back by the belief systems we have adopted as truth surrounding our physical bodies.  And these belief structures date back countless generations and thousands of years… back to a point where we truly were on a mission of survival.

The truth is (and often the truth sucks) going at the pace we are, humankind is now being faced with the early stages of a new era of survival.  In a similar way to how we’ve treated animals and driven them to or near extinction (there are now less lions in the wilds of Africa than in captivity in the rest of the world as one example) Gaia will naturally bring herself back to a state of homeostasis.  

This is not a blog to incite fear.  We can all choose to actively change our lifestyle behaviour and begin to once again reconnect to each other, to other organisms and to the Source.  In fact we must but many believe we are nearly 200 years too late in our adoption of alternative energy sources as one point of conversation in a constellation.

I had spent a weekend in Point Roberts which is a little peninsula of land jutting out from the bottom of British Columbia and is in fact on the American side of the border.  While having wine with friends one night, one of the gals who lived there was complaining about the coyote population and how many residents had taken it upon themselves to cull the coyotes.  And amazingly what had transpired was that the mama coyotes were having nearly twice the number of babies.  Their bodies knew.  

What struck me though is how quickly we as a species jump to the notion of culling another species instead of looking at the overpopulation of our own.  Though I come from a family with 5 children I am an absolute supporter of the idea of limiting the number of children in families.  China initiated this years ago and though there have been horrific and mysogenistic outcomes I believe it is something that the United Nations needs to address.  We simply need to address the principle from a place of love and not a place of fear.  Personally, I think 1 child per parent is adequate and potentially will still not be enough of a decrease for the sustainability of the planet.  I know there will be vehement arguments against this but I suggest a family could select a higher taxation to be allocated to a carbon offset if they chose to have more than 2 children.  

There are simply too many of us.  Gaia could potentially support us if we were dispersed throughout but we have congregated in overpopulated clusters that are devastating to other life.  

I don’t have the answers and I’ll never claim I do.  I just hope we begin to examine our lives and to make conscious decisions about how our wonderful existence here can be used to benefit the growth of awareness and acceptance.  We are one. 

Now may I suggest you go sit for 10 minutes in the grass see what you may notice?


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