Gay Advice: 14 Ways To Survive Being A Gay Man Without Perfect Abs!

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Guest Guyd
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November 20, 2014
6:01 a.m.

Gay Advice Story Courtesy Of Dustin Diehl

We all love a fit guy with abs of steel. But just because you can’t wash clothes on your stomach doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and healthy.

1. Eat a cupcake … and enjoy it.

2. Catch up on The Mindy Project, because Mindy Kaling is your hero.

3. Reread Harry Potter.

4. Take a cute selfie with your shirt on.

5. Go for a walk without counting your steps.

6. Cuddle with your pet.

7. Drink a dark beer, because you DGAF.

8. Spend a weekend playing video games like a boss.

9. Cancel your gym membership and spend the money on a trip.

10. Hit the snooze button and never get up until you absolutely have to.

11. Use a photo of your actual face for your dating profile pic.

12. Have a wine and cheese night with your besties.

13. Have Uber take you through the Jack in the Box drive-thru on your way home from the bar.

14. Keep doing you.

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