Gay Dating Advice: How To Pick Up A Guy In 5 Languages

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Robert Paulson
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September 19, 2014
6:01 a.m.

Hey Boys, Robbie your editor here, I found this little gay dating advice gem and just had to share it. I totally wanna try some of these out on travel mode on GuySpy. Who woulda known that there would literally be a list of easy enough pick up lines for all your destinations (virtual or otherwise.) All I had to do was spice up the photos a little to give it that extra bit of heat.

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69112a480bc8f5b2aafd16ee9d282841Excuse me, can I ask you a question?

SPANISH: Perdone, ¿puedo hacerle una pregunta?
FRENCH: Puis-je te poser une question?
GERMAN: Entschuldigung bitte, kann ich Ihnen eine Frage stellen?
PORTUGESE: Desculpem-me, posso ihe fazer uma pergunta?
ITALIAN: Mi scusi, posso farle una domanda?

I’m looking for a gay bar.
SP: Estoy buscando un bar gay.
FR: Je suis à la recherche d’un bar gay.
GE: Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Gay Bar.
PG: Estou à procura de um bar gay.
IT: Sto cercando un bar gay.

Let’s grab a drink.
SP: Debemos tomar una bebida.
FR: Nous allons prendre un verre.
GE: Lassen Sie uns einen Drink.
PG: Deixe-nos tomar um drinque.
IT: Lasciatevi prendere un drink.

Do you have a boyfriend?
SP: ¿Tienes un novio?
FR: As-tu un petit ami?
GE: Hast du einen Freund?
PG: Você tem um namorado?
IT: Hai un ragazzo?

4762522b2a6335d9d6c4341597b25247Can I take you to dinner?
SP: ¿Puedo invitarte a cenar?
FR: Puis-je te prendre pour le dîner?
GE: Kann ich Dich zum Essen einladen?
PG: Posso te levar para jantar?
IT: Posso portare a cena?

Let’s go dancing.
SP: Vamos a bailar.
FR: Allons danser.
GE: Lass uns tanzen gehen.
PG: Vamos dançar.
IT: Andiamo a ballare.

This music is awesome/terrible.
SP: Esta música es terrible.
FR: Cette musique est exécrable.
GE: Diese Musik ist schrecklich.
PG: Esta música é terrível.
IT: Questa musica è terribile.

Do you wish to come back to my hotel for a drink?
SP: ¿Quieres venir a mi hotel para tomar una bebida?
FR: Souhaites-tu revenir à mon hôtel pour boire un verre?
GE: Moechest Du zu mir ins Hotel kommen fuer einen Drink?
PG: Você gostaria de voltar para o meu hotel para uma bebida?
IT: Volete tornare al mio albergo per un drink?

2d918c8785fb430980a60e9a0ded6600Do you have a condom?
SP: ¿Tienes un condón?
FR: As-tu un capote?
GE: Hast Du ein Kondom?
PG: Você tem camisinha?
IT: Hai un preservativo?

Can I see you again?
SP: ¿Puedo volver a verte?
FR: Puis-je te revoir?
GE: Kann ich Dich wiedersehen?
PG: Posso vê-lo novamente?
IT: Posso rivederti?

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