Gay Dating Advice: The Gay Mans Guide To Getting Over Him!

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December 5, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Gay Dating Advice Courtesy Of Tyler Curry

It doesn’t matter if it was six weeks, six months or six years, a bad break-up can make you feel like you are living in the sixth layer of hell.

But going from “we” to “me” doesn’t have to mean a forecast of muted wardrobe choices and ballad-filled playlists are headed your way.

Turning the page and beginning a new chapter of life can happen regardless of the length of your relationship. So if you’ve found yourself facing the reality of being single again, follow these helpful hints to get over him and start getting back to you.


Never let yourself forget why it ended.

As you go through the process of getting over him, the details of why you broke up in the first place can get a little hazy.  Write down the reasons it ended someplace easily accessible for those moments when you find yourself romanticizing the past. Don’t torture yourself by reminiscing over an edited version of what was.


Your music playlist can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

For the time being, try to control the tunes that flow into your ears by selecting music that gives you a jolt of independence and lifts you up. If you need it, throw in some scorned-ex-lover break-up tracks for good measure, but steer clear of the sad or sappy songs. You need music that can help you get through the day with your head held high and embody the wise words of Kelly Clarkson, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”


Invest in a healthy habit.

Whether it is learning to cook an organic meal or giving a little more attention to your fitness, keep your focus on things that make you feel good about yourself. Take some time to do something that you have always wanted to do, but never found the time. Read a book instead of watching TV, or finally get around to taking that class that you’ve always wanted to take. It doesn’t matter what healthy habit you want to pick up, just take some time to invest in your most precious possession – you.


Don’t jump back in the dating pool right away

You can easily convince yourself that the loneliness that you are feeling is a sign that you are ready to date, but the worst thing that you can do is to jump into something serious right away. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t order some flirty fun with a side of sex, but take some time and enjoy the freedom that comes with being single.


Start a new relationship… with yourself.

Before heading off to find “Mr. Right,” start a new relationship with yourself. A bad boyfriend can make you feel like the real version of you isn’t good enough and you may have made amendments to your behaviors to make him happy while you were together. One of the best parts about the recent change in your relationship status is getting to know yourself again and relishing the things you like without having to worry about another person’s happiness along the way.

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