Gay Film News: Behind The Candelabra Wins Two Golden Globes

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January 13, 2014
1:04 p.m.

One of the biggest gay films of 2013 was Behind The Candelabra. Pink News reports on it’s recent Golden Globes win.

Courtesy of Pink News:

HBO’s film about gay pianist Liberace and its cast, has won two Golden Globes. The winners for the 71st Golden Globes were announced on Sunday.

The film won the award for Miniseries of TV film, and Michael Douglas, who played Liberace, won the award for best Actor in a Miniseries or Film.

Also nominated for the best lead actor was Matt Damon, and Rob Lowe was nominated for best supporting actor.

The film last year won three Emmys, including one for best TV movie. Sir Elton John paid homage to Liberace at the Primetime Emmy Awards in a special performance in September.

It was also among nominations for this year’s Bafta Awards. Last January, Steven Soderburgh said Behind the Candelabra was turned down by the big Hollywood studios for being “too gay.”

It didn’t get a screen run in the US but was shown at cinemas across the UK and in other countries.

When the film debuted on HBO in May 2013, it achieved the highest ratings for a TV film in the US since 2004.

Executive producer Jerry Weintraub said in June: “We had three and a half million homes just on Sunday night (when the film was broadcast on HBO in America) and that’s without the TEVO-ing. When we’re finished, God knows how many millions of people will see this film and that’s what we wanted. That’s why we made it.”

From Pink News:


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8 years, 4 months ago

We saw the movie and loved it

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We saw the movie and loved it!