Gay Jesus: New Documentary About A Play That Received A Lot Of Hate!

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
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October 2, 2014
6:00 a.m.

Hey boys, Robbie your editor here! So when I heard that they were making a play with a Gay Jesus my first thought was “Gurl this has gotta be a film” and now it is! Check out the details below.

Story Courtesy Of Alex Panisch

Over a decade ago, Corpus Christi, a play by four-time Tony Award-winning playwright Terrence McNally, debuted at the Manhattan Theatre Club in 1998. The play’s premise is as controversial today as it was at then: What if Jesus were gay?

As you could imagine, this didn’t sit too well with some people. Neither did plot points like Jesus performing a same-sex marriage and Judas betraying him because of romantic jealousy. It’s opening night was met with intense protests and bomb threats in New York City. Nevertheless, McNally took his show on the road: first cross-country and then eventually world-wide.

“The play is a re-telling of Christ’s life and Passion in a vocabulary that makes it more accessible to gay men and women who had previously been excluded from any place in his story or the Christian religions,” McNally told BroadwayWorld. “All men are divine. That is the simple, universal meaning of my interpretation of his life.”

The documentary, Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption follows McNally and his troupe of actors on a journey from the 2006 revival through 2012 and the national/international tour they took during that time, in which they encounter cries of protest as well as important voices of support.

The film is available on DVD and VOD on October 14. Watch the trailer below.

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