Party Plans for Spring Break!

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

March 7, 2014
3:55 p.m.

Spring break starts this weekend for most of you college and Uni guys! Have you made plans yet? If you haven’t, book your flights now and head out to these cities which will be rocking all next week with other young guys and gals. Use your travel mode on GuySpy to search for a little fun in advance too.


Texas, Austin


Next week, Austin is having a HUGE conference that happens annually. This year Lady GaGa, 2NE1 and other popular celebrities will be performing during the week at SXSW! Check out SXSW and their amazing parties all week.


California, Palm Springs


Palm Springs is well known as THE gay city get-away! It’s known as the Hamptons of Hollywood!  Pack your bags now and head over to Palm Springs. There are plenty of gay resorts, clubs and restaurants.



Singapore is ALWAYS hot, so heading to Singapore next week will be the most ideal plan for Spring Break! In fact, it will hit well above 100 degrees next week! Bring a bathing suit but leave the chewing gum at home. Just get to Singapore now!

 Spain, Madrid


Head to Spain next week because it is going to be super sunny all week…and did I mention it will be full of sexy Spanish guys?!! It’s abe a great country to party in- no matter what city you choose.  Book your flights to Spain now!


Argentina, Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is such an EXOTIC spring break destination! Always hot and sunny in the Southern Hemisphere. Next week, the weather will be as high as 100 degrees again! Book your flights now get away for a week of spring break in Buenos Aires! Their parties will be off the hook!

 Don’t forget to use your travel mode before your visit so you can set up some private tours…


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