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Movies have got to be one of our favorite topics. Whether it's a below average short film, an underwhelming blockbuster, or an awesome sequel, we will be your personal guide on what's watchable. Drama, comedy, horror, and suspense, we have a team of boys who would head to the theatre for the popcorn alone! We can't help but cast our opinion on everything that's coming out these days!

  • Get Kissed! Behind the Scenes Webisode #3

    Dec. 5, 2011, 9:11 a.m.

    Learn more about young star Richard Harmon (AMC's The Killing). Experience his chemistry with fellow star Charlie David (Dante's Cove). Meet co-stars Sean Lockhart (AKA Brent Corrigan) and Belgian pop star Timo Descamps.Watch the entire series:

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  • Deja Pun

    April 7, 2011, 12:56 p.m.

      I have just returned from one of the best trips of my life in New York. I went to celebrate the birthdays of two friends and to meet and reunite with about 70 like minds. It was heaven. As most of you know being submerged into a world where everyone gets you and passes no judgment is amazing but when the world is in New York City it definitely kicks it up a notch. 

      One thing I got the most joy out of is crushing. Its been a while since I had a crush on someone and I wasn't really expecting it but I slammed head long into, not one, but two. You know,  the kind where you feel a wiggle in your stomach when you're talking to them or you zone in on pictures of them and get lost for a bit? The lips, the eyes, the *insert favourite body part here*. I think I’ll ride this wave until I creep myself out, which shouldn't be too long. 

     Anyway, yesterday I was walking down our main drag when I saw this:

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