GuySpy Gives It Away: Tickets to GayDay at Playland!

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

July 5, 2013
2:01 p.m.

Vancouver Pride is bringing the fun right outside the gates of Playland for everyone to enjoy! The Free Zone will feature a beer garden and BBQ, and the return of the Queentastic Legend’s hosted by Vancouver’s very own Symone! A gate adjacent to GayDay will allow easy entry into Playland for those looking for even more thrills, so buy your tickets online to support Vancouver Pride. And wear your pink shirts to support anti-bullying, GayDay style!

To have a chance to get these free tickets, you need to tweet the following:

“Tweet to win FREE Tickets for GayDays at Playland!! #GuySpyLife @Guyspy @VancouverPride @PNE_Playland”

We will be drawing all the tweets randomly, and we will tweet you back if you have won on Wednesday, July 10th, at 12:00pm PST. Only those who live in Vancouver, Canada, or is coming to Vancouver, Canada, can participate.

Click on the picture below to buy your tickets for the event!!



Anonymous User
travelnut (Guest)
8 years, 3 months ago

This is going to be fun!

Anonymous User
matovu (Guest)
8 years, 3 months ago

helo hi am dams i whats u guys give tickets i may come be with u all fun all sex all ejoying thank u