Time Travelling With Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

September 2, 2013
5:25 a.m.

Plants VS Zombies 2 is finally here! It took four years of nagging at PopCap Games to finally release a sequel, and now it is finally available (but for now, only on iOS).


Plants VS Zombies is a tower defense game, where you can create plants to defend your house/property from the invading zombies trying to eat your brains! The storyline is simple, but it sure is lots of fun. My favourite part of this game is the adorable plants – the artwork and simple gameplay is addictive!


This time Crazy Dave is back and he’s here to bring you across time to fight all different types of zombies with brand new plants he’s cultivated in his backyard. His knowledge about fighting different zombies has grown (no pun intended) and he’s found a way to time travel (useful for a gardener, surely). Anyone who’s played the Facebook game, ‘Plants VS Zombies Adventures,’ earlier this year, will have already had a taste of the time travel artwork…


Plants VS Zombies 2, has had tons of great reviews, with the difficulty level having been increased for hardcore gamers. The style and layout of earning seeds for new plants will be a great challenge. There will be those times where you have to pay to get specific plants, but you can also earn them along the way.


Are you ready to have an zombie-fighting garden-based adventure?! Check out the trailer below for a great cinematic about Crazy Dave, and to see some of the new plants!

Click on the picture below for the official website for details on downloading the game for your iOS device!



~Dru Chan

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