Music Guyd: Gabbing with Grace V

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

February 21, 2013
1:21 a.m.

They say gentlemen prefer blonds, and gay boys seem to be no exception. Grace V is Randy Jackson’s new project, and she has a passion for performance and the queer community.

Born in Moscow and raised on American music and Mariah Carey karaoke, the blond-haired, blue-eyed vixen spills about culture shock in the Western world, russian boys, and getting down with the gays.

I was born in Russia and I moved to Los Angeles two-and-a-half years ago. Since I was a kid I loved American pop culture. When I was trying to make it in Russia I was singing Mariah and Christina and all of those beautiful voices. It actually really helped when I came here because I knew everything!

I loved it when I [first] came here! I got off the plane in LAX and I smelt the sea breeze and everything was beautiful. I enjoyed every minute. It’s a completely different country and completely different world. I am in love with America. I love L.A. and I love New York. It’s a non-stop life! Nobody sleeps ever.

The neon lights of North America can be ever so appealing, but Grace did have some trouble fitting in at first.

The style of the clothes that Americans wear is so different! Even when I first attended a party! At first it was a little bit strange but I got used to it really fast.

[However], I love to learn and I think we should learn all the time. No matter what age, you should be learning all the time.

Grace’s parents always expected her to be a teacher so naturally they were thrown a curve ball when she packed up and hopped on a plane to the big city.

I always knew that I wanted to be a singer; even when I was a kid. When I was four or five I got a karaoke machine and I was singing all the time. We had to write this essay on what we wanted to be and I wrote that I wanted to be a singer. My mom was like “Why is that? I thought you wanted to be a teacher?”

It’s not everyday that you can move to the U.S. and follow your dreams. My family was like “Yay, you should go right now! Pack your bags!” Also, my fans and friends were very excited. I could tell them “I attended the Golden Globes and I walked the red carpet!” It’s really interesting for them. I try to update them all the time so they can also [learn] about the culture.

When she first arrived in the free world she found friends in, yep, gays!

I love to have shows in gay clubs and I love to do interviews with gay blogs. Gays love to dance! They know what music is hot and what songs [are] not! They can appreciate the beauty of a girl or a boy. [They are] a girl’s best friend for sure!

Grace said her new music video is a lesson in love and learning. 

I had my first love and I just woke up one day and I was like “I don’t wanna be waiting.”

When we first got on set we had this love story. I [was] hanging out with my b.f., we were having fun, we were in love and enjoying each other’s company. [However], there is the other side of us, fighting all the time, and I decide to stop the relationship. I really hope people will get the story right.

While her music is a lot of fun and her passion is incredible, Grace V is probably one of the nicest and most sincere people I have interviewed. You can read more about her story, adventures, and music on her website below.

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