Guy-PS: David Toussaint Navigates The Week Ahead (Sports Edition)

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
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July 27, 2013
6:41 p.m.

This week it’s all about sportsmanship. And that starts with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, which have been tainted by Vladimir Putin’s hateful anti-gay games, reports of gay-bashing and torture, and a reminder of just how far away our world is from equal rights.


While some gay rights advocates are calling for an all-out boycott of the Games, others are calling for a boycott of Russian products. For the record, current out competitor Johnny Weir doesn’t believe the games should be boycotted, and former out competitor Greg Louganis has made similar comments on his Facebook page. Games aside, here in New York, Bob Pontarelli, who owns three of the coolest gay hotspots in New York, Barracuda, Industry, and Elmo, has issued a statement saying they will no longer sell Russian products — read, no Stoli martinis, dudes. Here’s a copy of his statement:

“Effective immediately Barracuda industry and Elmo will no longer purchase products from Companies that we can legitimately determine are Russian owned, Although some of these products may be manufactured outside of Russia, the Russian Government would continue to benefit from tax dollars generated by profits , And by the international Public relations of forwarding the Russian brand. 
Do I believe president Putin And the Parliament care at all about the actions of a few gay bars in America? No. 
But sometimes the Only power we have is to make a little noise. And sometimes a little noise can turn into a little change. 
Is  this mostly symbolic? Sure. Buy It is very important to me  to let the members of our community in Russia know that We have not abandoned them.
While there is some Controversy and confusion over this issue, until it is resolved we will error on the side of our community.”–Bob Pontarelli
Ah, I love you, Bob. And not just because I can name-drop you every time I show up at Elmo, even if it does no good and I still have to wait for a table like every other common hooligan! No, seriously. I don’t WANT special treatment. And I’m not even mad that you’ve ignored my Facebook friend request. Not even when I mention you in GuySpy and get you more press! Hugs xo

Is he the Woof-Man? Or just another sick puppy?

At the movies it’s Woody Versus the Wolverine: Allen’s new flick, Blue Jasmine, has been getting rave reviews, while Hugh Jackman’s superhero series is being thrown to the wolves. GuySpy’s Jay Catterson will have a full Woof! Report this week.

In the World of Water Sports, Splash Bar New York is closing its wet doors after 22 years in Chelsea. What was it? The ridiculous fee at the door? The over-priced, diluted drinks? The motley, snooty bartenders? The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd who took over? Oh, wait, I’m describing The Monster, which is somehow still in business. We’ll miss you, Splash. Especially you, David Sepe. G, I wonder which Chelsea gay bar will close next…


Splash Star David Sepe takes a day off from getting customers wet.

Is there anything more sporting than voting for Mr. Gay World 2013? GuySpy is sponsoring the event, in Antwerp, Belgium, from July 31 to August 5. Read more about it here. And, sorry to say, since I work for the company I’m not allowed to compete. But I’m being a good sport about it.

In other international news, The NOH8 campaign is hitting Amsterdam on July 31. It’s an open shoot, so you Netherland Boys get your butts in gear and show your pride. I can’t wait to see hunky hottie dream boyfriend Tom van den Nieuwenhuijzen with his No H8 photo. (He’s volunteering.) Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Tom’s last name translates to “F*** That Dude Is Hot!” Click here for details.


Tom van F***able! Yes, he really is this adorable.

Spoiled Sport? In a GuySpy NSFW exclusive, we’re showing you the Biggest Dick in New York!


But I’m hot! No, seriously. I’m hot. And Big! Who cares about anything else when you’re as hot as I am? And Big!

Hmm, I may try vaginas after looking at looking at that junk.

Finally, my friend and colleague, Matthew Rettenmund, a person who claims to know as much about Madonna as I do (nothing like a good chuckle), posted the most amazing piece today on the 30th Anniversary of Madonna’s self-titled debut album. It’s in his always-fantastic Boy Culture blog, and to sum it up would do injustice to his work. So click on the link, read about it, and dance and sing get up and do your thing!


“Billboard” magazine called her a “Flash in the Pan.” And the rest is HerStory.

Photo Finish


A Cowboy’s Werk Is Never Done!

We’ve been trying to get fitness model and model of fitness Gary Taylor as our GuySpy Man of the Month for ages. So far, no word from his hot camp. You want more of Gary, let him know on his Facebook Page. In the competitive world of capturing hunks, we aim to win!

Till next time…

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–David Toussaint



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