Guy-PS: David Toussaint Navigates Your Week (Pure Beef Edition)

David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
August 25, 2013
1:26 p.m.

I wrote awhile back that TV Land’s Fran Drescher comedy, Happily Divorced, was on an extended, unclear hiatus.

Now the show has been officially canceled, an odd development since the ratings are still strong. Happily Divorced is one of our few remaining traditional sitcoms that deals with untraditional relationships—a straight woman and her gay ex-husband live together and are best friends.

After hearing the news, I went straight to the source—Peter Marc Jacobson, producer and creator of the show, and the real-life gay ex-husband of Drescher—who took time off from his (ahem) busy shirtless Saturday night in Provincetown to comment on the situation.


Peter Marc Jacobson may be throwing off his shirt, but he’s not throwing in the towel!

Says Jacobson: “We are very saddened that we were not picked up. I think it’s an important show about people living in an authentic life. And a relationship where love is love no matter what. We are grateful to have made so many fans, and to the people at Viacom and TV Land for giving us a showcase! Maybe we will be able to move it. We have very passionate fans out there who are really disappointed.”

If you want to help get Happily Divorced back on the air, a petition is making the rounds. It’s attached, here. This is one TV marriage we’d like to encourage.


Speaking of California Guys who have a hard time keeping their shirts on, Fitness Guru Craig Ramsay has added yet another non-fat layer of exercise to his repertoire. Five minutes in the shower! (No, guys, this one’s slightly different than what you do at home… slightly.) It’s one of the many videos Ramsay’s done for the “5 Minute Work Out Anywhere” series on and, while they’re all terrific and clever, I feel it’s my duty to show the best shower scene since Psycho! Let’s see if we can get Craig to show us how to do this with a buddy! Check it out here.  And get more Craig info here. 


Speaking of getting wet, in case you missed my profile of porn star Marc Dylan, here’s the link. And, just between you and me and everyone within Internet shot, Dylan was so pleased with the feature he ended up buying me breakfast. Great food, great conversation, and everything was over easy.


Photo of David Pevsner by Piero Ribelli. All rights reserved.

Since a lot of guys don’t realize how easy it is to be over 40, we’ve introduced F*** Forty, a feature that showcases men in their prime rib time. You can see more of our first man here. Also, if you’re over 40 and like the way you look, send me your photos and we might put you in our new “F*** Forty For Real” feature. Dress casual….

All cried out now that summer’s coming to a close? WE think you should hit Masterbeat’s WE Party Airlines: New York City, at Hammerstein Ballroom, August 31. It’s an incredible flight, with DJs Manuel Diego and Brett Henrichsen to keep you airborne. For more information, click here. 


Here’s your layover, guys!

Till next time….

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–David Toussaint

F*** Forty Photo: Piero Ribelli. 

Craig Ramsay Cover Photo: Joe Oppedisano.

Author Photo: Bob Johnson.



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Stevechelsea (Guest)
7 years, 10 months ago

I’ll take one of each.

Anonymous User
StevenL (Guest)
7 years, 10 months ago

I think Peter Marc Jacobson should star in his own show. He’s so sexy, and I think people would love to watch him with Fran. Didn’t he start out as an actor?