GuySpy Guyd: Introducing ‘Guy’!

Morris Chapdelaine
Authored by
Morris Chapdelaine

February 6, 2012
1:43 p.m.

So many of you have already noticed a new animated character appearing in one of our slider images just above the blog. His name is Guy and he is the creation of our crack marketing team here at GuySpy headquarters.

So who is Guy? Well- he’s all of you in many ways. Guy is confident, sexy, charismatic AND popular (as you will soon see). Guy is also a bit bashful, self-conscious, and not always sure of himself. (kind of like all of us at times).

His tool of choice to keep connected to the fast paced gay world is of course, GuySpy and over the course of this year we will be sharing with you many of Guy’s crazy adventures. We’ll also be reaching out to you, our faithful readers and GuySpy APP users, to find out where Guy should go next. What challenge do you want to see Guy take on? Where should Guy travel to and what parties and bars should he show up at?

Remember to message me here or send your comments and questions to info (at)

Guy and his sexy mates are creations of an incredible artist by the name of Stephen Sadowski. (pictured below)

Stephen has worked with DC Comics on JSA (Justice Society of America) and other comic books as diverse as THE AVENGERS for Marvel, WONDER WOMAN, STAR MAN  and RED SONJA.

Stephen also loves to work with real models so he has the lucky job of often being surrounded my muscle boys and guys that have uncanny super hero like bodies. That’s part of why we chose Scott (our events coordinator and promotions specialist) to model for Guy.

Pretty good match isn’t it?

One of our upcoming contests will be to select new guys to become part of this sure to be sexy collectors series of comics…think you’ve got what it takes to become a hunky cartoon character? Keep an eye on the site and keep using the APP…details will be coming soon!

I’ll leave you with the full version of our very first poster in this series.


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nice cartoon