GuySpy Presents Bump! Stinky Tofu

Charlie David
Authored by
Charlie David

March 29, 2013
12:35 a.m.

On my Bump! adventures I’ve had to put some fairly questionable things in my mouth. But today we’re going to talk about food.

Grasshopper tortillas in Mexico City, alligator salad while on safari in South Africa, things that looked like worms in blood that no server could (or would) identify for me in Japan. These have been some of the lowlights of the job. I’m usually a pretty good sport about trying new things, so when offered to try “stinky tofu” while in Taipei, Taiwan, I thought, “Sure, how bad can it be?”

The name kinda says it all, but if you want the scratch and sniff version come on our food adventure in the Shi Lin Night Market!


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