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David Toussaint
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David Toussaint
New York Guyd/Features Writer
August 12, 2013
2:23 p.m.

It hasn’t lost the editors’ attentions at GuySpy that a lot of fitness models and underwear models and all-around “hot” guys in gay magazines and websites are in their twenties or thirties. It also hasn’t lost our attentions that men past their third decade are also hot, and that “Daddies,” as they’re often called (we prefer the simpler “sexy and mature men”), are in vogue.

To show the gay world that sexual appeal, energy, and passion are no longer confined to the once-prominent, “Time to Retire to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Springs If You’re Thirty-Nine” narrow viewpoint, we’ve started F*** Forty, a pictorial section that only features guys in their prime of life time. Anderson Cooper, Ricky Martin, and our very own blogger Colton Ford are all gay men who have only improved with age. Let’s stop kidding around: Getting older is not only the most natural thing on earth, it also allows you to learn from your mistakes and to know yourself, and to apply that life experience into this thing we call sexuality.

Are you ready to F*** Forty? We can’t wait!

Our first F*** Forty model is Actor/Writer/Personal Organizer David Pevsner, who’s F***** Fifty (he’s 54!), and could show a thing or two to the new kids on the block.


All photos by Piero Ribelli. Location: Venice Beach, California. 


 “The best thing about being over 40… way over 40… is having a crap load of life experience to draw upon. I can be an advisor, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on…I’ve seen the dark, the light, everything in between and because of that, I think with age comes empathy. “
“My sense of humor has gotten sharper, and I may be a little more fun to be around because I don’t attach such angst to everything like I used to.  And by the way, I’m told I’m pretty great in bed… lord knows, I’ve had practice.” — David Pevsner 


Want to know more about David? Check out the information for his one-man show, Musical Comedy Whore, a benefit for MCCV & The I AM Love Campaign.


Oh yeah, and I’m not just the Editor of F*** Forty; I’m also a member.


–David Toussaint, 49

Do you want to F*** Forty? Send professional photos and relevant information to 

My Photo: Bob Johnson


Anonymous User
taim2222 (Guest)
6 years, 7 months ago

nice and classy

Anonymous User
Mike (Guest)
6 years, 7 months ago

Is that was 54 looks like?! Damn, I cannot WAIT to be 54! 🙂

Anonymous User
paupie (Guest)
6 years, 7 months ago

that is one hot dude, just my age too.

Anonymous User
Stuart (Guest)
6 years, 7 months ago

The big problem with MOST men over 40 (and I fall into that crowd as well) is that, to a twentysomething, previous examples have not held up well past this date. Many men get comfortable gliding into the second half of their life and forget to take care of themselves. They often put on weight and dismiss any kind of fashion except for comfort. Today’s 40+ can look fabulous (and often do) unlike our straight counterparts who usually look many years our senior. Not that there aren’t many that fall into the trappings of a “comfortable relationship” but there are SO many of us that shouldn’t be dismissed. Just because there is a little snow on the roof doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire in the heart.