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Jorge Gallegos
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Jorge Gallegos
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September 28, 2012
1:17 a.m.

When it comes to guys, I’m a sucker for the “Bad Boy look” and a bit of attitude. I find it freaking hot when guys are masculine, confident, and even a little cocky. Don’t ask me why, but this just turns me on.

When I saw this sexy hairy muscle guy on my grid, my imagination went crazy thinking of all the things I could do to him. Take a look at his pictures: the sports gear, the scruffy face, those massive arms… Damn! This guy is my ultimate wet dream.

But let me stop here or my keyboard will suffer the consequences. Besides, we want to hear what this hottie has to say.

Guyspy Profile Name:  SparXXXie

Age: 31

Location: Chicago, Illinois

 1. What do you like the most about GuySpy app? The amount of pictures you can post.  Most apps limit you, but with GuySpy you can post more than just a couple photos. Also, the Map feature is unique and innovative.

2. How would you describe your perfect guy? I tend to go for guys of darker complexion…race is not an issue. I dig masculinity, athleticism, and crazy, aggressive sex.

3. What’s the craziest place you ever had sex? Tell us about it. The back of a horse. I’m not sure the horse knew exactly what was going on, but the bumpy ride made for a really hot time.  Can you say “hot-to-trot?” 🙂

4. What’s your dirty little secret? At one time in my life I had two girlfriends and one boyfriend.  None of them knew about the others, but I was eagerly willing to experiment with all three of them and was definitely too young for any kind of monogamy!

 5. Who would you say is a good role model (straight or gay, female or male) for the gay community? Why? As of late I love all of the anti-bullying work Ben Cohen has done. My family had a really hard time accepting my sexuality for many years, due to a lack of exposure. I believe it is important media coverage when a straight person does a lot of work supporting human rights. Ben Cohen has done an amazing job over the last few years with this. I know that this type of media coverage has had a huge influence on my family’s support of my sexuality.

Nice, right? He’s definitely someone I want to meet, and I wonder if he would let me ride with him sometime soon 😉

If you think you have what it takes to be our next “Real Guy of the Week” e-mail me (jorge@guyspy.comwith your username, location, and age. I will review all the submissions with the rest of the GuySpy team, and pick a candidate. The lucky winner gets to be featured on our blog, and wins a Gift Pack and 30 days free of GuySpy+. Don’t wait any longer to submit your profile. You could be next week’s Guy.

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