GuySpy’s Top Gay Websites of 2012

Dru the Intern
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Dru the Intern

December 31, 2012
5:10 p.m.

Wow! This year’s lineup for best gay websites does not disappoint! It’s been a great year for the online gay community. Many branches were developed, and many different gay groups have found their  niche on the internet. Here’s our list of the most valuable and influential Gay websites for 2012.


10. Shout Out Health– A gay health blog that is filled with the most commonly asked questions about daily life. Sometimes even we need to get a check up, as much as we’d like to think we’re perfect… This site will answer all sorts of questions, like, “How do I get a bigger penis?”, “When should I disclose my HIV status to my boyfriend?” and “How can I effectively deal with anxiety?”


9.  Nifty Stories– Are you into gay literature and gay short stories? This website has professional and fan-written erotic stories for every one of your fantasies; the variety of tales here are unending! Some of the best ones have well-written characters, emotion and well-detailed sex scenes. If you’ve never read gay erotica you should really give it a try. You’d be surprised how much of a turn on a good story and your own mind can give you.


8.  GayGamer– The oldest gay gamer news site on the Internet. News about games, hot guys, fantasies, and for your geeky needs within the gay community. They play with their Wiis all the time.


7.  Queerty– Queerty will keep you updated ever day with new, gay, popular culture. You will almost think the whole world is gay…


6.  OUT– The best place to know everything GAY. The biggest lifestyle blog on the Internet.


5.  xTube– Like gay porn? You can find a lot of it here. You can build a community on here with followers just like YouTube, and you can earn money from views too.


4.  OhLaLa– Need some eye candy? This is the best place to find those hot models to browse. Also, this website has an amazing fashion section. The good thing is that you can use it on your iPad as well!


3.  Advocate– The best website for all LGBTQ politics in the world. Also, they report on business and travel and the gay community in general.


2.  Homorazzi– The #1 popular culture website in the gay community. Their opinions heavily influence the gay culture of media and entertainment. Homorazzi has the best gossip, the most fast-leading news, and amazing articles! They deserve their spot on the charts!


1.  GuySpy– The leading website in gay, male dating, and on top of that an innovative mobile app that links communities together with different writers on the blog. This website deserves its spot as #1 in my list of websites for 2012!!

~Dru Chan

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Mr. Ledig (Guest)
7 years, 5 months ago

pls help me point to a no nonsense gay personal site where i can find my “top” in frankfurt area.

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Dee (Guest)
7 years, 5 months ago

Check out Youtube videos Sifigod